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Tire Services

Tire installation service

Tire installation service requires high skill and high-quality equipment for the safety of the tire from cutting and the safety of the vehicle as well, so the company is keen to use the best tire installation equipment at the hands of specialists in the field.

Tire alignment service

The laser stacking service is provided using laser technology in all service centers of Saeed Mohammed Al-Amoudi Company Ltd. The laser technology is characterized by precise stacking that helps to stabilize the vehicle while driving.

Roadside Assistance Service

It is the emergency service on the road in the event of a vehicle breakdown “God forbid” such as; The battery is dead, one of the tires is damaged, or a mechanical failure requires the vehicle to be withdrawn from the road or to refuel the vehicle with enough fuel to reach the nearest gas station. This service is provided for a full year without fees if four tires are purchased from Saeed Mohammed Al-Amoudi Company Limited

Tire recycling service

It is the process of changing the four tires to distribute the consumption of tires because the process of payment in vehicles differs from one vehicle to another, which also affects the consumption of tires, for example; Front-wheel drive vehicles consume the front tires more than the rear and vice versa, so the tire rotation process helps to maintain the life of the tires and helps to improve the stability of the vehicle while driving.

Computerized arm weighing service

Vehicle balance check service using 3D computer for better vehicle balance. The vehicle’s stability and stability while driving is one of the most important safety standards that must be taken care of. This process helps to ensure that the four tires work efficiently while driving to maintain the vehicle’s balance. This process consists in adjusting more than five corners in the tire

Nitrogen filling service

Nitrogen is distinguished from ordinary air by being more able to withstand high heat and pressure, and also preserves the tire from corrosion that occurs inside it. Our affiliates spread throughout the Kingdom as an added value for tire services.

Service Centers Provides

Car monitor screen during service

Family-friendly with comfort

FREE drinks

Women’s lounge

Free WiFi