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Company History

Company Start from Here


1954 AD
Saeed Mohammed Al-Amoudi Co. Ltd. was founded in Jeddah. It was specialized in importing and selling Toyo tires. Later, it became the authorized distributor for Toyo


1985 AD
the company began to expand in Saudi Arabia, starting from Riyadh, being the capital and centre of attraction, in addition to the increased number of demands in Riyadh


1966 AD
The services expanded to include the Eastern Region, specifically the city of Dammam, in response to the increasing demand for the company's services and products

Second Generation

1976 AD
The second generation of the partners’ sons joined with various scientific competencies and professional experience. They contributed to the development of the company in the most important fields such as marketing and management in accordance with international standards

Toyo Tires

1979 AD

The Corporation obtained the shield of excellence from Toyo Company on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the distribution of Toyo tires.

Distribution Outlets

1980 AD

Service centers, wholesale and retail stores spread in a number of regions in Saudi Arabia

Nexen Tires

1990 AD

In the field of import, the company expanded to include Nexen tires, which is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of car tires in the world. Saeed Mohammed Al-Amoudi Co., Ltd. is the exclusive agent and authorized distributor of Nexen in tires in Saudi Arabia


1999 AD

Saeed Mohammed Al-Amoudi Co., Ltd. began to diversify its commercial activities through real estate and investment activities and develop a long-term strategic expansion plan


2003 AD

The opening of a branch in Al-Qassim city, due to the increased demand in terms of population density.


2005 AD

The company was keen on geographical expansion by providing services in different cities (Hail, Tabuk, Qassim, and Al-Kharj) in addition to enabling and supporting real estate activity

Service Center

2007 AD

Inaugurating the largest service center equipped with the latest technology in Jeddah and renewing service centers with the latest equipment, technologies, and human resources.

Holding Company

2009 AD

The third generation of the partners joined and contributed to the restructuring of the company and the establishment of foundations and controls for the implementation of the concept of governance

15 branch

2010 AD

The company launched its new identity in line with the changes of times and the requirements of new generations

Ghadan’s Vision

2016 AD

“Ghadan’s Vision” company specialized in real estate and investment was established. It is one of the subsidiaries of “Saeed Mohammed Al-Amoudi Co., Ltd.” Long-term strategic plans for the mother company were also worked on and restructured in line with the company’s vision and objectives

Service Centers

2020 AD

The company opened branches of service centers in other cities within the plan of geographical expansion in Saudi Arabia to meet the needs of customers in Makkah, Jazan, Jeddah, Abha, and other regions