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Terms & Conditions

What is not included in the Platinum Warranty

The effect of intense pressure when pressing the brakes, leading to skidding

Tire Pressure

Driving without air pressure or misuse of tires

Tire Impact

Sidewall inflation due to road bumps or detours

Tire Rip

Tire rips due to sharp or foreign objects (e.g nail)

Weight Overload

The effect of heavyweight or spinning excessively

Longstanding Parking

The indentation due to parking for a long period of time

Car Repair Shop

Warranty does not cover any issue due to improper maintenance at repair shops

Size or Model

Warranty does not cover any damage due to production of wrong size, wrong car model, or unfit rims.

Sound or Vibration

Warranty does not cover irregular tire wear that causes sound or vibration


Compensation is made in the following cases:

Compensation is made according to the original price of the tire in accordance with the company's prices at the time of the claim
The company offers promotional discounts to the customer in case the tire is exposed to non-technical problems

Compensation is made by replacing the tire with a new product, with no monetary compensation.

The service centre can send the customer to benefit from the services of the technical department of Al-Amoudi company

It is required that the tire be with its full specifications without obliterating or hiding any of it so that the case is not subject to rejection

We are obligated when compensating to provide a new product with the same specifications, but if it is not available, it is changed to another product of the company, taking into account the clarification of this in the compensation form

Roadside Assistance Membership Conditions and Exceptions

Membership benefit begins after 24 hours from the date of subscription and is valid for one year
Services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the duration of the subscription

Services may not be implemented in the event of malfunctions resulting from exceptional circumstances such as wars, natural disasters, security alerts, theft, fires, floods, car drowning in the sea, or being stuck in the sand, or exposure to fireworks or warnings of all kinds, or intentional damage, and the service is not provided in the event of malfunctions resulting from traffic accidents

The service shall not be implemented except in the presence of the vehicle owner or one of his authorized representatives

Membership may not be transferred to another vehicle

The subscriber must be fully aware of the regulations and laws that are used in the countries covered by the service and abide by them at all times