Our Services> Support> Training salesmen and Technicians

The company is represented in the management of human resources and in coordination with the Technical Section and public relations training courses specialized in the following areas:

Art of sales and service excellence, where customers are invited to add talented sales associate to the men of the company, usually hosted this session to provide academics and experts in the field of sales.

Examine the framework and technical considerations, where engineers are invited technicians of the company, as well as clients at the level of cities, where engineers, technicians provided by the parent company of the Japanese Toyo tires, which helps the safe use of frames.

Our Services> Support> Check the tires at the customer site

It is a unique service that has the unique Saeed Mohammed Al Amoudi, where the company is sending crews and technicians to check tire problems faced by our customers throughout the Kingdom.

Our Services> Service Centers

In order to serve the largest segment of consumers the company has established service centers of the tires in various regions of the kingdom, and equipped with the latest technical means, and provided the most efficient working hands and technicians. And provide service centers the following services: Installation and packing – nitrogen – the weight of sleeves – the balance electronic.