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With the discovery of the oil age and the emergence of the industrial renaissance in the car, the Japanese samurai began to enter the era of industry and technology and the Japanese industry was characterized by high technology and exemplary performance. Entered Japan in various fields of industry, marked the most part, including the tire industry, was the lead in development and give them to the magic of Japan to become the framework of Japan’s number one in the world.
With shining in 1943 was the birth of one of the largest firms in an industry framework and rubber and was known as (Hirano) and two years later the name was changed to (TOYO). Characterized by Toyo rollout of new technologies and advanced tire industry.
The company has Toyo steps of a larger expansion and fast, with the opening of several factories, whether in Japan or outside Japan and also to open several branches of the company in Europe, America and Asia during his 22-year period from 1966 to 1988 was characterized by Toyo rollout of new technologies and advanced in the manufacture of tires, the company has many awards and certificates which holds the highest rating as a brand compared to all tire makers. For more information, click the link www.toyojapan.com

Our Activities> Business> Nexen Tires
Joseon are means (Land of the Morning Pacific), so it was called old Korea, Korea is the country that have evolved in the past fifty years. One of the country that has moved from the third world to first world.
In the midst of these years, developments have arisen a family-owned businesses, specializing in the manufacture of tires, established under the name of any (Heung-A) in 1952, and began producing its first under the local in 1956.
In 1991 the company changed the name to (Woosung), and two years later has developed the first frame carries a V-Shape.
In 2000 the company changed the name to (Nexen) is still to the present.
For more information, click the link www.nexentire.com

Our Activities> investment and real estate activity
Not only the activity of the company’s commercial activity, but activity received the investment part of them, the company thanks to God is a shareholder in the local and global markets, regional, Arab and international levels.
As well as have direct investments in the shares of companies with the target activity for the company.
And also has investments through the investment banks and investment portfolios, funds and banking where there are company or related companies.
Also, there are real estate investments both domestic and external (buildings – Schemes – Warehouses – lands).

Our Services> Support> Training salesmen and Technicians
The company is represented in the management of human resources and in coordination with the Technical Section and public relations training courses specialized in the following areas:
Art of sales and service excellence, where customers are invited to add talented sales associate to the men of the company, usually hosted this session to provide academics and experts in the field of sales.
Examine the framework and technical considerations, where engineers are invited technicians of the company, as well as clients at the level of cities, where engineers, technicians provided by the parent company of the Japanese Toyo tires, which helps the safe use of frames.