The Founders
Our History
Vision & Mission
Our values and ethics
The FoundersOur HistoryVision & MissionOur values and ethics
The Founders
Our History

 Our history (success shine in every step ..)

Foundation, established by Saied Mohammed Al Amoudi as an activity in the city of Jeddah, import and sale of tires Toyo Japanese and distributor of Toyo for the manufacture of tires and rubber. 1954
Opening of Riyadh Branch, the first step expansion of the institution’s capital Riyadh that the kingdom’s strategic position and excellence population geography. 1958
Opening another branch in the city of Dammam, the eastern gate of the Kingdom and one of the important ports and overlooking the Arabian Gulf. 1966
Join the beginning of the second generation of our highly qualified partners, owners, have won the company a renewal of the modern concept of marketing and management features. 1976
For the institution on the armor of the superiority of Toyo to mark 25 years on the distribution of Toyo tires. 1979
Beginning of the expansion of open ports for distribution in various parts of the Kingdom, including service centers and stores that sell wholesale and retail. 1980
Import and sale of Nexen Tire Korean and the adoption of our exclusive distributor of the company Nexen. 1990
Transformed the institution to a company limited by shares and expand its real estate and venture beyond the borders of the Kingdom (Bahrain – Egypt – Algeria – Qatar – Ras Al Khaimah – United Kingdom – United States – Canada – Hong Kong). 1999
Opening of branch in the town of Hail. 1999
Opening of branch in the town of Tabuk to cover the needs of the northern region of the Kingdom. 2001
Opening of branch in the town Qassim, due to increased demand as population density. 2003
Opening of branch in the town Al-Kharj. 2005
Opening of the largest service center equipped with the latest techniques in Jeddah and the renewal of the service centers with the latest equipment, technology and human resources. 2007
Turned the company into a holding company, has been attracting elements of the third generation of family members. And set standards for corporate governance and restructuring of a modern fit and the spirit of a few. 2009
Vision & Mission

The Vision

To be “Pioneers In Car Services”

The Mission

Developing Perfect Car and Tire Service Aided by Specialist Cadres.

Our values and ethics


Loyalty… Commitment… Community Services.