About Us > Our history (success shine in every step )

1954 – Foundation, established by Saied Mohammed Al Amoudi as an activity in the city of Jeddah, import and sale of tires Toyo Japanese and distributor of Toyo for the manufacture of tires and rubber.

1958 – Opening of Riyadh Branch, the first step expansion of the institution’s capital Riyadh that the kingdom’s strategic position and excellence population geography.

1966 – Opening another branch in the city of Dammam, the eastern gate of the Kingdom and one of the important ports and overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

1976 – Join the beginning of the second generation of our highly qualified partners, owners, have won the company a renewal of the modern concept of marketing and management features.

1979 – For the institution on the armor of the superiority of Toyo to mark 25 years on the distribution of Toyo tires.

1980 – Beginning of the expansion of open ports for distribution in various parts of the Kingdom, including service centers and stores that sell wholesale and retail

1990 – Import and sale of Nexen Tire Korean and the adoption of our exclusive distributor of the company Nexen.

1999 – Transformed the institution to a company limited by shares and expand its real estate and venture beyond the borders of the Kingdom (Bahrain – Egypt – Algeria – Qatar – Ras Al Khaimah – United Kingdom – United States – Canada – Hong Kong).

1999 – Opening of branch in the town of Hail.

2001 – Opening of branch in the town of Tabuk to cover the needs of the northern region of the Kingdom.

2003 – Opening of branch in the town Qassim, due to increased demand as population density.

2005 – Opening of branch in the town Al-Kharj.

2007-Opening of the largest service center equipped with the latest techniques in Jeddah and the renewal of the service centers with the latest equipment, technology and human resources.

2009 – Turned the company into a holding company, has been attracting elements of the third generation of family members. And set standards for corporate governance and restructuring of a modern fit and the spirit of a few.

About Us > Vision and Mission (vision boil down time )

The Vision

To remain distinct in all company’s products (quality , price and service).

The Mission

Products with world-class secure and competitive prices in accordance with Sharia’a. And the exploitation of investment opportunities and the best real estate and business services through qualified personnel and provide to our customers who gave us their trust

About Us > Our values and ethics (Environment issued success )

Since the start .. The basis of our values, our mission is the way we see through our successes, and successes are the benchmarks on this road.

The values of our company that emerged from our principles and formed our approach, is today a reality known to our customers and staff live in our facilities, and touch all of our visitors.

Summarized the basic values of the vertical Company are as follows:

Professionalism and confidence: is committed to ” Saied Mohammed Al Amoudi,” the application of professional and confidence-building among customers and employees, making the truth and to fulfill the first principles in all dealings.

Application transactions legitimacy: is committed to ” Saied Mohammed Al Amoudi” to investigate the legality of transactions and avoid all the circumstances forbidden in the domestic and international dealings, Kaltamlat usury and others.

Interest of the client: is committed to ” Saied Mohammed Al Amoudi” devise the best methods and solutions to raise interest rates to the customers investment in the short term and long term, as they always bear in mind: after-sales service as a message of thanks to our customers to choose the company for their service.

Social and professional awareness: is committed to ” Saied Mohammed Al Amoudi” contribute to promoting social and cultural awareness and professional to the employees, customers and others, through training courses offered by the company to its employees, and service programs and development posed to its customers, and all layers of society through sponsorships regular.

Quality and creativity: is committed to ” Saied Mohammed Al Amoudi,” maintain the highest standards of quality in the delivery of their products, through cooperation with the Centers for multiple studies to provide solutions to the problems of the current market and outlook for the market in the region, to create marketing plans and products flexible maintain quality in all circumstances.

Safe products – a friend of the environment: is committed to ” Saied Mohammed Al Amoudi” subjecting all products imported to the most severe safety tests, and the highest levels of environmental integrity.

Climate: is committed to ” Saied Mohammed Al Amoudi” provide a healthy work environment, to ensure that employees meet all their needs as the most important gain from the achievements of the company, and is working to develop their performance so as to create them full membership in the interest of work, reflected in better service for the client.

Our Activities> Business> Toyo Tires

With the discovery of the oil age and the emergence of the industrial renaissance in the car, the Japanese samurai began to enter the era of industry and technology and the Japanese industry was characterized by high technology and exemplary performance. Entered Japan in various fields of industry, marked the most part, including the tire industry, was the lead in development and give them to the magic of Japan to become the framework of Japan’s number one in the world.

With shining in 1943 was the birth of one of the largest firms in an industry framework and rubber and was known as (Hirano) and two years later the name was changed to (TOYO). Characterized by Toyo rollout of new technologies and advanced tire industry.

The company has Toyo steps of a larger expansion and fast, with the opening of several factories, whether in Japan or outside Japan and also to open several branches of the company in Europe, America and Asia during his 22-year period from 1966 to 1988 was characterized by Toyo rollout of new technologies and advanced in the manufacture of tires, the company has many awards and certificates which holds the highest rating as a brand compared to all tire makers. For more information, click the link www.toyojapan.com

Our Activities> Business> Nexen Tires

Joseon are means (Land of the Morning Pacific), so it was called old Korea, Korea is the country that have evolved in the past fifty years. One of the country that has moved from the third world to first world.

In the midst of these years, developments have arisen a family-owned businesses, specializing in the manufacture of tires, established under the name of any (Heung-A) in 1952, and began producing its first under the local in 1956.

In 1991 the company changed the name to (Woosung), and two years later has developed the first frame carries a V-Shape.

In 2000 the company changed the name to (Nexen) is still to the present.
For more information, click the link  www.nexentire.com

Our Activities> investment and real estate activity

Not only the activity of the company’s commercial activity, but activity received the investment part of them, the company thanks to God is a shareholder in the local and global markets, regional, Arab and international levels.

As well as have direct investments in the shares of companies with the target activity for the company.

And also has investments through the investment banks and investment portfolios, funds and banking where there are company or related companies.

Also, there are real estate investments both domestic and external (buildings – Schemes – Warehouses – lands).